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Fall Skiing

Sure, you've heard of it, but have you ever seen it?

Sorry, fall skiing is not about areas that open early in the season. "Fall skiing," or "false skiing", also known as leaf skiing, is rumored to have started in upstate New York during an unusually long and smoky autumn, possibly by disgruntled skateboarders, as recently as the mid to late twentieth century.

All you need is a modest hill, plenty of leaves, a crash helmet, and your oldest or shortest skis or snowboard. It is said to be best when the weather is cold and dry. Steep hills and wet leaves, or even muddy grass may be used as well.

Well, we haven't seen it either, so if you have proof that people really do this, we'd like to publish some testimonials and photos.

Just e-mail what you have to Subject: Fall Skiing

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